Ipg: A simple IPv6 address generator for lazy netadmins

In July 2019, an AS I manage was born. As long as I worked on the deployment of the network and its services, I tried many ways to generate the IPv6 addresses for each services. SLAAC, simple IPv6 addresses, based on the hostname and random ones. SLAAC addresses are OK but requires using EUI-64 to get a stable IPv6 address and it has the drawback of exposing the MAC address and potentially permits vendor-specific attacks.

Fix IPv6 connectivity on a Vultr VM after upgrading to OpenBSD 7.1

I manage a Vultr VM that host few anycast services for an Autonomous System that I manage. When I tried to sys-upgrade the VM to the freshly 7.1 release of OpenBSD, I loosed my BGP session and the access to the VM via the IPv6 address that Vultr expose to me in the Vultr console and via the API. During the boot, I discovered some weird messages that I never saw before:

Cambak: a simple tool for derushing digital cameras

In December 2019, a few days before the big public transport strike that impacted all French citizens (and unconsciously gave us a first taste of how to work remotely at home and prepare us for what we will experience a few months later with the first lockdown), I got my first own interchangeable lens hybrid camera, a Sony A6400. To take control of my new toy, during the first months, I took a lot of pictures.

Install OpenBSD 7.0 on a Gandicloud VPS

Since the release of the new Cloud platform of Gandi.net based on Openstack called GandiCloud VPS, I tried to convince the product owner to support more Linux distributions and other OSes like OpenBSD on the platform. For the moment, no plans for OpenBSD in a very near future but dev teams are working on implementing new features to complete the new platform. Fair enough. Since the rescue mode and the emergency console have been released, it’s now possible to try to install non-supported operating systems on a GandiCloud VPS.


Hello there! 👋 Welcome to this new blog/website and this time in English! Since 2015 and even before, I always managed a blog in French. Today, I wanted to target a wider audience, more international to share my projects, my creations and my discoveries. I plan with this blog to share English version of posts that I will publish in the future in my french blog and content not intended to be in my french blog.