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Michael “Themimitoof” V.

Michael “Themimitoof” V.

A software engineer who does to many things with computers and cameras.

Ipg: A simple IPv6 address generator for lazy netadmins
·6 mins
projects ipg Golang
In July 2019, an AS I manage was born. As long as I worked on the deployment of the network and its services, I tried many ways to generate the IPv6 addresses for each services.
Fix IPv6 connectivity on a Vultr VM after upgrading to OpenBSD 7.1
··4 mins
OpenBSD Sysadmin
I manage a Vultr VM that host few anycast services for an Autonomous System that I manage. When I tried to sys-upgrade the VM to the freshly 7.1 release of OpenBSD, I loosed my BGP session and the access to the VM via the IPv6 address that Vultr expose to me in the Vultr console and via the API.
Cambak: a simple tool for derushing digital cameras
·11 mins
projects cambak Golang
In December 2019, a few days before the big public transport strike that impacted all French citizens (and unconsciously gave us a first taste of how to work remotely at home and prepare us for what we will experience a few months later with the first lockdown), I got my first own interchangeable lens hybrid camera, a Sony A6400.
Install OpenBSD 7.0 on a Gandicloud VPS
·5 mins
Sysadmin OpenBSD
Since the release of the new Cloud platform of based on Openstack called GandiCloud VPS, I tried to convince the product owner to support more Linux distributions and other OSes like OpenBSD on the platform.
·2 mins
Hello there! 👋 Welcome to this new blog/website and this time in English! Since 2015 and even before, I always managed a blog in French. Today, I wanted to target a wider audience, more international to share my projects, my creations and my discoveries.